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Dec. 15th, 2007

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mmm. its 4:30 pm. last night was fun, watched movies with some friends, watched requiem for a dream, and resivoir(sp) dogs. as of right now i am procrastinating.  i think i have a paper to write for monday, but i think ill just do it after the Big D show tomrow night. that will give me somthing to do all night.

    its freezing out.  its a good think i have my ridiculous furry hat, and camo hobo gloves! people always ask me if i hunt, because i always wear my camo hoodie and gloves lol. for the record, i do not hunt. i <3 animals. people also always ask me if i play basketball, cause im really tall.

i am now waiting for 5 pm, so i can go have dinner, the dining hall closes at 7pm! how ridiculous is that! i dunno, i guess im not used to eating dinner this early.

im feeling kind of creative right now.....i have a bunch of patches i want to sew onto a sweatshirt, or somthing, but i dont have thread and a needle, i left it all at home.

well, im gonna go outside for a little bit, then eat dinner.


Dec. 14th, 2007

good news for people who like bad news

ok, so i found my harmonica, it wasnt in my friends room, my freind actually found it, she said she saw someone throw it outside, they had found it in the snow. im so happy. i guess it fell out of my pocket when i got throw into the snow.

    ok, so i think i might have a problem. last week i got really really sick. my friend told me it was because of the painkillers, muscle relaxers, and riddilin i had been using. it was bad, so i told myself id stop. and i did, but i cant stop thinking about them. whenever i sit at my desk i just wanrt to crush them up and take lines of them....i havnt done it yet, but i feel like im gong to break soon.

    today wasnt really a good day...i suppose it was an average day. i threw snowballs at peoples windows, and played video games....i feel like my 2 closest freinds only like me when im high, and now that i have not been smoking as much, they tell me i seem different, and "cold".  i dont think im a cold person, i just have days where i like to be alone.

    im sorry i jump from topic to topic, but thats how i do things...i think it has somthing to do with my ADD.

ugh, i offered my rommate some of my food, because he hadnt eaten all day. so he makes the food, uses my plates, leaves the half eaten meatballs on MY desk. leaves the slim jim wrappers on my desk, and doesnt even clean the plate....i dont mind if he eats my stuff, but when he leave it on my desk? i dont liek it to much.....dont get me wrong, hes a decent roommate, but i guess im just a little agitated today.

    tonite my friends r staying in and drinking...they asked if i wanted to drink with them, i said no, but i might end up going anyway. i havnt been drunk in a really long time, and as long as im not paying for it i see no harm in it. i might change my mind. lol although last time i was drunk up here, i ended up sleeping with one of my (female) freinds. i dont know if it made things awkward after that, i guess it kinda did, but everythings ok now. i dont like sleeping with people i dont like as more than a freind. i guess im liekstupid guy or somthing ..when i do somthing like that, it means i really have feelings for them, i dont know what i was thinking tht night....probabaly why i dont like alcohol.

yarg, and my CD drive on my computer stopped workingg, so now i cant put music from cd's onto my computer which is upsetting cause i have a bunch of awsom,e cd's. my ex girlfriend makes me the best mixes ever. they make me so happy....but i cant listen to them on my computer now....

i think im really stressed out right now, im doing bad in my classes.

im going home in a week or so, and Big D and the Kids table is playing on sunday. so im really excited for that. i havnt seen a ska show since ive been up here, and big D is one of my favorites.

im out <3

(no subject)

ugh. i lost my harmonica. i think its somewhere in my friends room, but im rather upset without it.

other than that life is ok. i have a bowl of ramen noodles right now, so that is a good thing. and anime is on TV. i guess life isnt all that bad.

i had an interesting night. i tried Salvia tonite.  it was alright, i didn't "trip" like they say ur supposed to. but i did have a good time playing in the snow. my friend threw snow in my face, so we started wrestling. and i ended up submerged in snow on top of the planter outside my dorm building.
    ive been trying to write a song....but i am way to critical about myself so anything i wrote i think sounds terrible. i feel liek my guitar playing is better than my singing, although im not too great at guitar, but im happy enough with my current skill level, although i practice every day so i get better. if anyone is good at writing lyrics, i was wondering if u could help me out and write lyrics to go with my music. thatd be really fun.

    these noodles r really good. but on a negative note...i keep wondering what makes me diferent from everyone else. why do i never wantto go out parties, or to clubs, or out to anything that people do on the weekends (and weekdays). i think it has somthing to do with the fact that i dont drink alot. thatsall people do up here. and im not too into it. so i guess i feel akward being the sober one. also, im not a very social kinda guy.id much rtather hang out in my room. if people come up here, thats fun, but no one really does, so i end up being alone most of the time.

i feel liek writing alot right now, alot is on my mind. i dont know what to do. my primary concern in college. i dont know if i want to go home to new jersey next year. i dont know if i like this place. the only awsome thing i love about it is the amazing shows. since ive been at college ive seen most of my favorite bands. and seeing as music is one thing life i truly and passionately adore, that meant alot to me, to be able to see them. it sucks because the only people i have met up here that seem liek people i could be A)best friends with, and B)Girls i could see myself in a relationship with, arent at school, but they are at the shows, and i cant hang out with them alot, and odds are, il never see them again.

    i dont think i will get to sleep tonite. i cant decide if i want to watch Outlaw Star, or Escaflowne, tonite. i have the box set of both of them. or i could read. i have 2 books i need to finsih. im 3/4 of the way through Sex Drugs and cocoa puffs, and i am 1/2 way through Life of Pi.

    Blargh! Inuyasha is on tv! i enjoy that show. i dont want ot stop typing. i really do liek LJ, cause even iof no one reads it, its really good for me to talk about my life. next post will be more personal, i still have alot more on my mind.....

-end. <3

Dec. 12th, 2007


i dont really know why, but every song i listen to makes me want to be in a fantastic relationship. maybe its not every song, but itgs alot of random little things in life that make me think "wow, i wish i could find a great girl to be with"and im always on the lookout, but nothing ever happens. ever. i just dont get it. one of these days im convinced im gonna meet an amazing girl, and just be happy. you'd think at a college there would be a alot of awsome girls, but they are all the same, and its upsetting....this one song im listening to now makes me think it would be amazing to be in a relationship. its called Argh... Im a Pirate. the chorus goes somthing to the effect of " you, and me, were like , little machines, we run around the room and mess up sheets, no one can put me to sleep, except you." lol i want someone to run around and mess up sheets with...i dunno, i apologize for the stupid post, but ive been feeling like this for a while now.

on a super positive note, i got this ridiculous hoodie type article of clothing. seeing as i love bright colors, i could not pass this bad boy up. i am now going to attempt to post a picturei guess i got it. somone needs to teach me how to make the link thingy...unless i just did it..

Dec. 11th, 2007

new game!

ok, so im super excited right now. i just got back from rhe mall, and whe n iwas there i purchased Call of Duty 4. i finnally got my xbox live working again, so it will be good to play again. i know i sound liek a loser, but i love online games. they make me feel happyyy. so im off to go play that! goodbyeee

Dec. 10th, 2007

today made me smile

today was not a bad bad day. i ended up falling asleep at 5 30 Am, then waking up and 7:03am. unfortunatly i have class at 7:10, so i grabbed all of my things and sprinted through the city to my class in shorts and a long sleeve t shirt. it was freezing but my adrenaline was going because i cant be late anymore.  i made it to class on time and decided that it was going to be a good day. after class i went to sleep for "a little bit". i had another class at 11:30, so i figured id sleep for an hour. wellll, turns out i slept through my class hah. its ok, then i slept until 5 pm, then got up and got ready for my class at 6pm. went to that, came back and went to the mall. i got a really cool sweatshirt type thing. its black with neon colored stripes on it. it makes me smile. now here i am typing in my LJ, which also makes me happy. im really happy i joined this thing, it is a great way for me to think about life. and also a great way to meet people, which is i think what i wanted because i felt kind of lonely recently. so all in all i had a good day. i hope everyone else had a good day too. if not, you can talk to me, and ill try to cheer you up :) byeee

What Do You Have To Say? - You Make Me Feel Like Writing

Let me tell you what inspires me. life inspires me. People inspire me. Not just any people, but people who seem to give a glimmer of hope to the world. those people you meet who make you think "wow, they are going to change the world"  and they get me thinking, i  too, can change the world. i can help, i can go out of my way to just try and be a great person.  i'm looking forward to meeting somone like that again. until then, i will continue to be inspired by music of sorts.

first entry

Hello world....or no one, depending on who reads this

im eric, and i guess i just needed a way to get my thoughts together. so i figured id make an LJ. my current thought is that i dislike college. i feel like i dont connect with anyone, and am destined to spend my days sitting in my room, playing guitar, and playing video games. though id love to be proved wrong, i have a very negative attitude about it. anyway. im gonna go fiddle around with this LJ thing some more. Byeeee